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The Flows to the Future Project is ending in Autumn 2019. After this time there will be limited updates on this news page. Please feel free to have a browse through past news stories and blogs to get a taster for what went on during the five years of the project.

Current Forestry Operations

Forestry operations have begun in the Dyke and Forsinain forestry plantations in Forsinain North. Due to this activity, the Forsinain trail is closed from 4th July to 4th August 2019 to the public. Please be aware of timber lorries on the single-track roads and keep speeds down to avoid possible incidents.
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Peatland restoration on open bog - Part 1

In this three part article I explain what peatland restoration on open bog is about, and give examples of funding opportunities for restoration. This first part covers the background and the need for restoration.
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