Through their capacity to store carbon, peatlands play critical roles in the local, regional and global regulation of climate. Despite only covering the northern tip of Scotland, the Flow Country peatlands contain almost three time as much carbon as there is in all UK’s forests. They also support unique species and have international biodiversity importance, and they play a key part in water regulations in many upland catchments.

Our research aims to understand how all these elements interact, how peatlands function, which requires team work across a range of disciplines. In the end, our research will help predict how the Flow Country peatlands will respond to disturbances caused by human actions and to future changes in climate, and will inform how best to conserve, restore and protect them.

Below you will find more information on the Flows research hub, current projects, publications and research opportunities. 

Research Hub

A network of researchers and stakeholders with a shared interest in peatland research in the Flow Country.
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Current projects

An overview of the research projects taking place in the Flow Country peatlands. It also provides a short description of each project along with contact name and type of data gathered, where available.
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Published articles and reports related to the Flow Country, including the Flow Country Research Newsletter
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Research Opportunities

Employment, studentship and conference opportunities
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