Teaching Resources

If you would like to do some teaching sessions on peatlands or blanket bog, there’s a good range of materials you can download. You can also check out our 'Flows Facts' pages that are full of information about the Flow Country and it's inhabitants. 


Scottish Natural Heritage has an excellent resource for peatlands education:

Peatlands: A Guide to Educational Activities for Schools (2014) 


The Irish Peatland Conservation Council publish Bogs in the Classroom, a collection of activity ideas and other resources.


For secondary school students, the UK’s National Parks have created a learning programme called More than Just a Bog.


Moors for the Future, based in the Peak District and South Pennines, also have several educational resources.


If you are planning an excursion to the peatlands of the Flow Country, you can take a look at the Schools out - Peatlands - Fieldwork made easy resource and find the best place for your field trip with the Schools out - Site guide for Caithness!