How could it work?

We will formalise a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) which will support, connect and scale existing projects 
within the region and structure responsible investment opportunities. 

The Flow Country Partnerships SCIO's profits - accrued from investments, ecosystem services and carbon credits - will be reinvested
into community projects.


1. The SCIO will consist of a Board of Trustees that represent key interests from across the Flow
Country and will have the right skills and expertise to guide the charity to deliver on the goals of
landscape scale restoration.

The SCIO’s constitution will outline the purpose and mission of the charity to restore peatlands,
improve biodiversity, and develop community benefit projects. The SCIO will also develop ethical
guidelines about who can invest in the Green Finance Initiative.

2. Underneath the SCIO will sit different companies – Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) – which
will be responsible for different restoration projects. These SPVs will raise investment for the
restoration and have shareholders made up of relevant stakeholders for that restoration project
(e.g. the SCIO, landowner and investor).

3. Carbon credits will be generated at a price that we anticipate will be higher than the market
average because we will be able to demonstrate biodiversity and social benefits in addition to
carbon storage, hence ‘carbon+’ credits.

4. The money generated from these carbon+ credits will be allocated between the
shareholders of each SPV.

5. The SCIO’s profits will be dedicated to community benefit projects. This structure and flow of
finance helps to give the highest degree of accountability and transparency, whilst ensuring the
best price for carbon credits and the greatest possible long term benefits for our landscape and