Virtual Visit

You can explore the Flow Country now with our film, landscape app and game


The best way to experience the vastness and unique character of the Flow Country is to visit. As not many people live close enough to do that easily, we decided to bring some of the outstanding beauty and special features of this landscape directly to you, regardless of where you are. You can discover and explore the Flow Country here and now on your computer or mobile device, without the need for wellies and waterproofs!

Our virtual Flows landscape app allows you to travel across the Flow Country landscape, walk around a couple of bogs, meet some of the people that live and work in the Flow Country, find out about how peat is used, and much more!

Our game allows you to be a peatland manager for a day and find out what sort of management is good for peatland. 

Points of Interest

We have created a map to help you discover more about the Flow Country. It shows Points of Interest in the categories Visitor Attractions, Archaeological Sites, Panoramic Viewpoints, Waymarked Trails, Summits, Nature, Walks, and Cycling & Riding. For each site, a brief description gives further practical details.

flow country map2