3D Virtual Flows

The virtual Flows is the next best thing to visiting the Flow Country!

Fly over the Flow Country at your leisure, or sit back and let the eagle fly you around. Then land in a peat bog, walk around, and get your magnifying glass and binoculars out to learn about the plants and wildlife of the area.


Screenshot 3D Virtual Flows

Model screenshot

The 3D model also includes a series of short films about the landscape, the people who live there and how it is managed; two animations (about the formation and use of peat); and bonus information on the Highland Clearances and what to see at Forsinard.


Model videos

We are sure you’ll enjoy every bit of this impressive piece of immersive digital landscape interpretation!

System Requirements

The application works with mouse/keyboard input as well as touchscreen. We recommend that you download the 32bit exe if your PC is more than 5 years old. If you are running Windows 8 or 10 on a newer computer then the 64 bit download is recommended.

Download the online app

This light version of the app is quicker to download but you need to be online to use it.

Download the offline app

Download the full version of the app to use it any time you like without an internet connection.

Points of Interest

We have created a map to help you discover more about the Flow Country. It shows Points of Interest in the categories Visitor Attractions, Archaeological Sites, Panoramic Viewpoints, Waymarked Trails, Summits, Nature, Walks, and Cycling & Riding. For each site, a brief description gives further practical details.

flow country map2