Benefits and next steps


COMMUNITY APPROACH                                                                      MAKE CONNECTIONS                                                               
The Partnership ensures a cohesive community                                         The Partnership will connect public funding
approach. We can get the best price possible                                             sources through Peatland Action for
for carbon and help ensure that the economic                                           landowners and private finance through the
activity associated with restoration remains                                               Peatland Code for restoration.
within our region as much as possible.
                                                                                                                          WE DO THE ADMIN
NOT FOR PROFIT                                                                                      Applications and paperwork are done for you by
The SCIO’s commitment to the Flow Country,                                         the SCIO team, removing the administrative
its people and our landscape is written into                                                burden of applying for restoration funding, and
its charitable constitution. It means we can                                                will provide support whilst the restoration work 
ensure a proportion of the financial benefits                                              is being undertaken.
that accrue from carbon prices and ecosystem
services are looped back into our community                                            VERIFICATION
for our united benefits.                                                                                  The SCIO helps with the ongoing monitoring 
                                                                                                                          and evaluation process, as well as the
ETHICAL FINANCE                                                                                   verification.
The SCIO’s ethical finance guidelines will help
ensure that investment into Flow Country                                                MITIGATE FOR FUTURE RISKS
restoration reflects local views on community                                           We’re giving you umbrella protection for what
and the environment.                                                                                     you don’t know yet. We aim to help make                                                                                                                                                                                      nature-based finance, and the restoration work,
CARBON, SOCIAL IMPACT,                                                                   understandable and actionable.
We connect all three elements to maximise our
positive impact at scale.


Q1 2023   Initial consultations with drop-in sessions in Wick, Thurso, Lairg, Strathy were held alongside an online
                   drop in session and feedback was gathered from communities, land managers and local
                   business. Interest for potential pilot sites was explored and research was undertaken for the
                   Economic Impact & Business Potential study of local restoration industry. 

Q2 2023   Ideas for the Green Finance Initiative and Model were reviewed and refined based on feedback
                    from consultations and a second round of consultations were held. Work was also carried out alongside partners to develop
                    skills and jobs pathways.

Q3 2023   Through ongoing discussions with potential pilot sites, the SCIO (charity) model is being explored.


Q4 2023   Hire a Project Manager and Peatland Restoration Officer.


      2024   Proceed with peatland restoration at Pilot Sites. Develop a business plan to make the SCIO self sustaining.