Sydney Henderson


I joined the Flows team in June, straight out of my Undergraduate degree at Newcastle University, where I studied Marine Biology. Although there is not much marine life on the reserve, I am very interested in the way we talk about and promote conservation. Before my Marine Biology Undergraduate I did a year-long art foundation course, so am also keen to put some of my creative skills to use! I think the future of conservation partly rests on communication, and being able to creatively convey a message, to rally support.

Growing up in London, I found nature wherever I could. Family camping trips inspired a love for the outdoors and generally a desire to get mucky, in knee-deep investigations of ponds and rockpools. One of my first tasks here was to lead a group of school children in a pond dipping activity, and I'm not sure who was more excited by prospect of hunting in the mud for beasties; me or the 10 year olds...

I've been absolutely awestruck by the wildlife here, and a fantastic part of the internship so far, has been the range of habitats around me. Living in the field centre, I am able to explore the bog and the creatures that inhabit it; the newts and raptors, as well as the plants like cotton grass and sundew which look like they're from another planet. After work, and on weekends, I  have been able to travel to the sea, to see (and smell) seabird colonies. Along with the other interns, we have spent magical evenings in the company of fulmars,  shags, puffins and black guillemots. When I first arrived here I aimed to keep an illustrated record of all the birds I saw, but I soon realized there is not enough time in the day...

Already this experience has been so vividly enjoyable; the people I've met and the wildlife I've seen, have excelled any expectations I had, and I can't wait for what the coming months will bring.



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