Working Holidays at Forsinard Flows

25/10/2018 10:17am by Sydney Henderson

Over the Autumn, the working holiday weeks bought a pilgrimage of volunteers up to the North of Scotland; to Forsinard Flows, in the heart of the Flow Country. For five weeks, people from all walks of life got involved in some of the practical restoration work going on in the reserve, while living in the Forsinard Flows Field Centre.

IMG 0054

Teams of volunteers carried out important work including damn building, silt trap building, regeneration control and peat probing. The working holiday folk also got stuck in with the Forsinard way of life, with many making the trip to the “local” pub and Tuesday yoga sessions in Reay village hall. Evening talks in the Field Centre, given by members of the Forsinard Flows team, covered topics from seabird tracking to the Flows to the Future Project.

working hol1

Whether they were wielding mallets or spotting Golden Eagles, there was always smiling faces, and we are so grateful to the hard work of all the wonderful people who took part in the working holiday weeks at Forsinard this year! Many threatened – sorry – promised to return, and we look forward to seeing them again soon!

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