What happens to some of the unwanted trees in the Flow Country?

19/11/2018 11:04am by Hilary Wilson
IMG 7315

It may not look a lot like Christmas but the education team are getting ready with hand-picked trees for their visit to local schools. These will be transformed into Christmas trees filled with natural, Flow Country inspired decorations when we work with different classes over the next few weeks. 

Why don’t we want these trees in the Flow Country?

Hilary with spade screenshot 16 9The restoration work is dependent on the removal of non-native conifers from the peatland to help the blanket bog return to a healthy state and these baby trees that have self-seeded are painstakingly taken out by hand. Some of the lucky ones will end up as Christmas trees! We will be teaching children about the importance of restoration when we take the trees into the schools.