Limited Edition Golden Plover Pin Badge

25/07/2018 5:02pm

A limited edition Golden Plover pin badge has been designed to honour the iconic Flow Country bird. The badge features a Golden Plover in its distinctive gold and black summer plumage and will be available for a suggested donation of £2 from the Forsinard Flows Visitor Centre or from the RSPB national headquarters.

Golden Plovers are a type of wader and inhabit flat, wet habitat, making the Flow Country a perfect place for them. 80% of the British population of Golden Plovers are in Scotland and sadly, the numbers are in decline. The forestry planted on the Flow Country in the 60s, 70s and 80s had a detrimental effect on the natural landscape here, and meant that birds like the Golden Plover, struggled to find suitable habitat. Waders are cautious of forests due to predators and will seldom nest within 400m of plantations. The forestry here also drained the bog, reducing food supplies for wading bird in both summer and winter months.

By buying a pin badge, not only will you be collecting a limited edition iconic piece, but will also help to fund the continued work of RSPB Scotland to preserve the habitat of these beautiful birds.

A one-of-a-kind Golden Plover donation box has also been created, and will be stationed at the Flows Visitor Centre – or you may find him out on the reserve!

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For a chance to see a Golden Plover why not go on one of the weekly guided walks running from the Visitors Centre every Friday at 2pm.