Girl Guides explore Forsinard

27/08/2018 10:19am
girl guides4

The day started off with a guided trail walk up to the tower for pond dipping. The girls were encouraged to find a plant no bigger than their thumbnail to draw in the landscapes, which produced some beautiful drawings! After some hot chocolate and biscuits, we dived into the ponds with nets, finding back-swimmers, water beetles and newts. 

Girls chose plants from the bog to make their own potion or perfume, and the field centre was filled with all sorts of smells, and some girls began planning their business empire based on midge repellent perfume - you heard it here first! 

girl guides2

girl guides1

 In the afternoon, a treasure hunt around the Dubh-Lochan trail had teams of guides exploring the bog using peat probes - scientific instruments used to measure the depth of peat. The girl's jaws dropped as the probes sunk deeper and deeper into the peat, at some points up to 4 meters! 

It was a fantastic day and was so great to see the girls engaging with the landscape: identifying plants for their perfume - "how do you spell asphodel?" - and using magnifying glasses to count the number of legs on pond creatures. 

Thanks for the girls for being such wonderful visitors and many thanks to our new education officer Hilary Wilson for putting on such a fantastic day!

If you are interested in visiting Forsinard with your group, please contact Hilary at