Fancy a trip to Forsinard Flows!?

31/03/2016 3:54pm
DSCF3657 web1

Here we go, the season has started with the first visitors enjoying a lovely sunny morning at Forsinard today! The journey by train is a great experience in itself and the views of the Flow Country are a good introduction to further activities at Forsinard. The young visitors enjoyed doing the jig saw puzzles, indoors at the RPSB visitor centre, but spent most of their time out on the trail and near the Lookout. 

 Pond dipping


They mastered the netting skills quickly for scooping up freshwater invertebrates, resulting in a catch of damselfly nymphs, several water boatman, worms, water mites and a caddisfly larva!




It was a little bit chilly, but no complaints as the sun was out all morning.

So a warm welcome to everyone out there to enjoy an experience here at Forsinard just like this group did!