Digital Launch Coming to Caithness Horizons

23/06/2016 11:58am by Judith Crow

If you go to Caithness Horizons on Saturday 25th June between 1pm and 4pm then you will be treated to the launch of our new computer model and game, as well as having the opportunity to watch the new film, which premiered recently at Bettyhill.

The model will give you an explorer’s eye view of The Flow Country and the opportunity to find out more about the area, including what lurks beneath the surface of the bogs.

Having explored, you can then put your conservation skills to the test with the computer game, and find out how well you can look after the Peatlands. During the day, there will be a High Score competition and the winner will be crowned Supreme Champion!

This is an event for all ages, with plenty to keep everyone busy and amused, as well as learning about The Flow Country in the process!  Don’t let anything put you off from coming to Caithness Horizons on Saturday and experiencing this amazing opportunity.