Caithness County Show

23/07/2018 10:15am

How many RSPB and Flows staff does it take to set up a marquee? 3 apparently, as well as multiple snack breaks, a trip into Thurso to buy a screw (which turned out not to be needed anyway), and a lot of head scratching...

The marquee was eventually raised just in time to be filled with posters, pin badges, information and activities for the Caithness County Show which took place on Saturday 21st July 2018 in Thurso. Beki and I from the Flows team at Forsinard were joined by Dave Jones and Kate Clarke from the Caithness Wetland and Wildlife Initiative (CWWI), and Forsinard alumni Norrie Russel.

Dave and Kate got a lot of attention for their CWWI initiative of free hire of a rush topper and aerator. Used to aerate farmland, they encourage worms and other beasties to live in the soil, which in turn supports farmland bird populations, such as waders.

cwwi FINAL2

Beki did a sensational job distributing 'bog day' stickers; raising awareness about International Bog Day (this year on Sunday 22nd July), and encouraging people to visit the Flow Country.

I face-painted moths and raptors on tiny faces, tactically steering children away from requests for 'unicorns' and instead suggesting various bog creatures that can be found on the reserve (and are certainly a lot easier to paint than unicorns...).

All in all it was a fantastic day (and not only because our tent was positioned within close proximity of both the dog show AND the pick'n'mix stall), and we certainly can't wait to return next year.