All about the birds

07/02/2019 3:23pm by Sarah Fischbacher
Lining up for the birdwatch Golspie Primary new dimensions 2

making bird feeders is such fun golspie3Pupils all over the country are currently counting birds for the RSPB’s Big Schools’ Bird Watch – and among them are the children at Brora, Golspie, Lybster and Halkirk primary! To attract birds to the school grounds, the first session delivered by the education team from Forsinard focused on making pinecone bird feeders. The children's self-made fat balls were readily accepted by the feathered visitors!

Great spotting Brora p8

A week later - with binoculars and bird identification sheets at the ready - the children positioned themselves at the windows and later outside to watch and count the birds passing through the school grounds. Flocks of starlings and rooks, dunnocks, robins and many more birds were expertly recorded by the junior birdwatchers and later submitted to the RSPB.

What is that bird Lybster asks Brian Johnston Local RSPB volunteer3

However, birds were not only to be observed outdoors – Hilary Wilson, Learning Development Officer, brought the Flow Country birds to the classroom through costumes, crafts, games and artefacts such as owl pellets and feathers for the children to examine. Choosing their favourite Flow Country bird, the older pupils created fact files on hen harrier, common scoter, golden eagle & co., finding out more about these special and rare animals.

Using household items to immitate beaks in the wrong beak wrong food game brora primary4

Can you move jelly with chopsticks? The children learned about different beak shapes and adaptation through the "wrong beak, wrong food" game