A Fresh Look at the Flows Lookout

28/11/2016 9:44am
Flows Lookout

If you've visited the Flows Lookout, or even seen its picture on the internet or in the paper, you'll have an idea what it looks like. 

But The Flow Country can appear different every day, and the Flows Lookout allows you to view that. So we thought that you might be interested in experiencing those changes.

Between now (Monday 28th November) and the Christmas holiday, our Flows to the Future volunteer (Anna) will be putting up new photos on Facebook every day. There might be snow, there might be sunrises and sunsets, mist and fog, sun, rain, storms... 

...and you'll be able to share in how these various conditions change The Flow Country and, perhaps, it might encourage you to visit the Flows Lookout during this most dramatic season.