Sandra Train

Sandra Train was born & raised in Dalhalvaig, Halladale in a time when she was able to go to primary school there, she then had to move to senior school in Golspie, and went on to study at the University of Edinburgh. In 1961 she married Raymond and they have one son, Donald. She taught languages all her working life.


In the introduction to her book, A Memory Of Strath Halladale, Sandra writes: "At the promptings of my husband and several cousins, I have been induced to set down my memories and to recall, as far as possible, how the life of a small Highland community seemed to me. This is a very personal account and is in no way a definitive study or an exhaustive one. Some readers will recognise both places and people; I trust I do neither an injustice. The title refers to the English meaning of the Gaelic place name of our home and its township which in my youth was "the hub of the universe". A local called it "a place of high men" having at that time within its boundaries, a Justice of the Peace, the post-master, the school-master and two elders of the Church! I owe a great debt to my mother and to my late father whose diaries I have dipped into for the Circle of the Year..."

Introduction & crofting life

The croft in her dad's time

Heritage culture of peat

The croft and women's roles

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